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Feminism Is | Gender Studies / Gay & Lesbian Studies

Jen Thorpe

“Feminism is about power, potential, passion, and rights, but it keeps changing in purpose and meaning ...”

Do you call yourself a feminist? What does this mean in your daily life? In this book, South African feminists explore their often vastly different experiences and perspectives in accessible and engaging voices. Feminism Is touches on issues as wide-ranging as motherhood, anger, sex, race, inclusions and exclusions, the noisy protest and the quiet struggle. It will challenge your thinking and inspire you to action, reaffirming the urgent necessity of feminism in South Africa today.

Sometimes painfully relatable, other times outrageously hilarious, every page is sprinkled with vulnerability - Lovelyn Nwadeyi

Fierce, incisive, compassionate and thoughtful. This is an essential collection of diverse voices. – Lauren Beukes



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Feminism Is | Gender Studies / Gay & Lesbian Studies

Author: Jen Thorpe
Category: Gender Studies / Gay & Lesbian Studies
ISBN: 9780795708275
Date Released: 26 February 2018
Price (incl. VAT): R 250.00
Format: Soft cover, 320pp

About this author

Jen Thorpe

Jen Thorpe is a feminist writer and researcher based in Cape Town, South Africa. Jen published her first novel, The Peculiars, with Penguin South Africa in 2016...


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